Special Acknowledgements:

Mom: Thank you for spending countless weekends lakeside so we can be together and for always asking to see my fishing pictures with excitement and your 20/400 vision.

Jason (my brother from the same mother): Appreciate you being my #1 fan, for reppin’ my gear, and believing in Jighead from the first day.

Joseph Eichelberger: The fishing wizard of all fishing wizards. Thank you for teaching me to fly fish and for always allowing me to tag along on amazing adventures with you when I am in Colorado. You are the best angler I have ever met! Your mission to help people in need while being out in the wild fishing and doing your thing is amazing and a true inspiration. You can see what great things this man is doing and catching on instagram @sacredwatersco

Grandpa Carl, Dad, and Uncle Eddie: grateful for the fishing gene and gear.

Gaga and Ron: Always supporting me, no matter how ridiculous my ideas.

Tom AKA Seal Boi-you my dear friend have made fishing even more fun than I could’ve imagined possible. You have undeniably become my favorite fishing bud. Just thinking about going out with you brings a smile to my face. I will be the otter to your seal any day of the week!

The Grissinger brothers: Much gratitude for always wearing Jighead gear and sending pics on your amazing fishing adventures. An extra big thanks for wearing your jighead hat and giving us a shoutout during your Stoked on Fishing Video!

Uncle Mark: I appreciate you always including me and asking me to tag along-you’re top of the list for my fishing buds.

Kelle and Tanner Ramsey: Thank you for all your help designing my logo and for being lifelong family.

Keith and Andrea: Grateful you showed interest in my prototype hat the first night I ever wore it as this gave me inspiration and hope that perhaps this could materialize into something. Also, thank you for always being down to support my newest editions.

William Wierson: My best male bud, my traveling (non-citizen) friend and fishing buddy–thank you for teaching me how to finally catch some fish…”The Billy Special” gets the job done. PS-You are not allowed to bring Confucius audio files fishing EVER AGAIN!

Special thanks to the rest of my family and friends who patiently look at all of my fishing pictures and pretend to be interested. Thank you for your understanding of my need to be on the water, but making sure to periodically ask me to “give the fish a break” so we can hang out.