About Our Company

Mission and Philosophy

It is our mission at Jighead Apparel and Accessories to satisfy our customers and support humanity and habitats in need. Our philosophy is simple: giving is receiving; the more we have, the more we give. We are striving to partner with  non-profit agencies throughout the year and give a percentage of our proceeds to causes that serve the betterment of people, wildlife, and the environment.

Our founder designed Jighead Apparel and Accessories with a few goals in mind: hooking customers up with with kickbacks for their support, clothing anglers in apparel and accessories designed to promote thinking with their other head, supporting various environmental efforts to ensure longevity of fishing for generations to come, and helping people in need.

Our Founder

Jighead Apparel & Accessories was founded by Jaclyn Deilgat, an average, yet avid, and addicted angler. She went deep sea fishing with her dad and brother a few times as a kid, but was unable to afford deep sea trips herself as an adult, so she settled for lake fishing. After several years of attempting to fish a couple times a year at lakes in San Diego, she was ready to give up because she never caught anything. She started thinking that maybe fishing wasn’t in her blood even though several members of her family were tournament sport fishermen and sport fisherwomen.

Then, one day, she overheard someone talk about “half day trips” out on the ocean and she could afford those. Relatively clueless, with gear from the 1970’s (some of which were handmade by her father for her late grandfather) she went on a half day trip in the summer of 2015 and has not been the same since. Initially, she only bagged mackerel, but Jaclyn does everything the way she does one thing-passionately. Since, she has landed several fish-some that are two times her size and it is no surprise she now eats, sleeps, breathes, thinks, dreams, obsesses–fishing.

Although Jaclyn works several jobs using her degree in clinical psychology-she is always planning, plotting, and scheming, trying to figure out a way to be able to fish more while still supporting people who are struggling. She presently works to fish and fishes to live while putting food on the table. Jighead Apparel and Accessories is Jaclyn’s attempt to blend work with play while supporting her fishing addiction-the tug is the new drug.

Why “Jighead?”

Well, it has the words jig and head in it, rendering it provocative and laden with sexual innuendo which seems to be the standard in the fishing industry although this wasn’t the first impetus for the name.

One day during a trout re-opener, Jaclyn randomly decided to use a pink jighead with a white feather held together with some white yarn-like material that was buried deep in her tackle box; the jig was never used yet somehow beat up. Despite other anglers on the shore cautioning her against using something “so big,” she cast it into the water anyway. She caught limit within 15 minutes. The trout demolished the wrap around the jighead, rendering it useless, so she decided that she would recycle the jighead and re-wrap it. Jaclyn started making what she referred to as “custom-made” wraps for her jigheads, but in reality they were cheaply rigged, home-made scraps!

Naive to fishing, Jaclyn had no idea that jigheads were something used by anglers for all types of fishing. She eventually realized this and started making custom jigs for ocean and lake fishing that actually caught fish. She grew more and more obsessed with fishing and would lie awake thinking about how she could get out of the office and out on the water more. In all her fishing adventures she noticed that other fishing apparel companies would go viral in a matter of months and thought this may be the key to fishing more…she had become a jighead.